Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Ok so today I am giving total credit to Denise Sawyer of the Wholesale Mommy blog because she has THE GREATEST bath time DIY for kids. I can’t wait to make some of these for little K… for the little girl who is so fickle about her love of bath time, I know these will help on those ‘off’ nights. Denise calls her recipe Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs but in honor of holy week, and that Easter is in 4ish days, I will take the liberties to rename the recipe to Easter Egg Bath Bombs for this week. Plus, now is the time you most likely have all those little Easter eggs lying around to use as a mold.

So without further adu… the recipe from Denise…

All you need to make these fun bath bombs are 3 ingredients:

  • 2 cups of Epsom salt
  • 6+ drops of food coloring
  • 6+ drops of Essential oils (Get your oils here!)

(Note from Kristen: I would not use a citrus oil because of the plastic eggs… lavender or another oil would be better and when they have finished drying out, make sure you store them in a sealed, glass container)

  • Easter Eggs

Ingredients for dinosaur egg bath bombs from wholesomemommy.com


You also need some kind of mold – I used some old plastic Easter eggs we keep around for playing games in home school. :) Just make sure the eggs are hinged, or cut the hinge so that you have two separate pieces.  If you don’t have plastic Easter eggs, you can buy soap mold online or at some craft stores.

Since the ingredients in these bath bombs are all safe to ingest, these are great gifts for children – or to make with small children. I’m not saying they would TASTE great, but it won’t harm them if they try to take a taste while using them or helping you make them! :)

All you do is mix the Epsom salt, food coloring, essential oil, and 2 Tbsp of water in a bowl until everything is incorporated really well. You can play around with how much food coloring or essential oils you use until you get the color you want and the scent you want.

Fill both sides of the egg {or mold} with the salts and use the palm of your hand to pack it in tight. Close the two sides of the egg together and then very carefully remove one side of the egg.  Allow the egg to sit out to dry overnight. Remove the other side of the egg and allow the egg to dry on the counter {away from little fingers} for 2 or 3 more days.

Now your eggs are ready for gift packing in clear little gift bags, jars, or for tossing in the tub!

Dinosaur Egg Bath bombs with Epsom salt for kids from wholesomemommy.comhttp://wholesomemommy.com/dinosaur-bath-bombs-healthy-fun/

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