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The past few months have been spent soaking in the moments with this little gladiator. Her hilarious sense of humor makes my days go by so quickly and they make me want to just yell “STOP!” at time. Everyday she learns more and more and she loves being the center of attention. We went to the dentist the other day and she spent the whole time watching Daniel Tiger (our favorite show), and giving the dental hygienist her very special one eyed Popeye look. She also got this toothbrush and you would have thought I gave her the moon.


Spaghetti for the first time… and she insisted on blowing marinara raspberries all over mama.


Cousins. They love each other. Ok. They tolerate each other right now. My sister Katie and I can’t wait until they learn to play together.


My sweet new nephew, Lucas. Born on January 30, 2014, he truly is the perfect newborn. He sleeps ALL the time and only (barely) wakes up to eat. His dimples are so deep that you could swim in them.


Happy Happy girl.


Cousins… poor Lucas.


A slight cold makes the best snot bubbles. I couldn’t resist… especially when the bubble lasted for a solid 3 minutes… Does it make me a bad mom that I thought it was hilarious and I was cheering it on not to pop?



We fit all three in the back of Katie’s Honda Civic… it took some maneuvering but we were able to take a trip to Stillwater to see Aunt Karoline. Don’t kid yourself, they all did great the whole trip until the final 30 minutes when s*** hit the fan and Kolbe lost it. Like can’t breathe crying so hard. Poor Katie was trying to calm her from the front seat but she wanted nothing to do with her. As soon as I pulled in to the garage and practically ran around the car to her seat, she gave me a tearful smile and would not let me put her down the rest of the evening. Goober.



Katie and I ran errands with all three… they all fell asleep and approximately 5 minutes after taking this picture, Kolbe woke up. So good while it lasted.


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