Our Newborn Favorites

When I was pregnant, I did TONS of research on what are the best baby products to get. I wanted to make sure that I wasn’t getting ‘duds’ because I plan on using the items for all of our (hopefully, many) children. Since having Kolbe, I have had the opportunity to go registry shopping with a few friends and help them prepare for their newborn. Here are a few of my favorites for a newborn (0-3 month) baby. I’ll do a few more posts with my nursing favorites, and favorites for 3-6 months coming soon.

IMG_20591. Solly Baby Wrap. OB-SESSED. This was such a lifesaver to me those first few months especially for the summer. It is lightweight, stretchy, and comfortable. What a way to bond with your baby. Kolbe loves being close to me and I truly think she cried a lot less because I wore her a lot of the time.


2. A Rock and Play Little Lamb Sleeper. I bought the most gorgeous bassinet from Restoration Hardware. I had every intention of Kolbe sleeping in that at night time. Well, little missy had her own plan and wouldn’t sleep out of my arms unless it was in the rock and play. The vibrator helped calm her down too.

IMG_35203. This bathtub. She can lay on one side of the bathtub and when she gets older she can sit on the other side. This tub is awesome because she doesn’t slip around or move in any way. We used it from 4 days old and I know we will be able to use it for awhile. Just a warning it is pretty big but worth it.

4. City Mini GT stroller. I love this stroller. It moves so easily, turns with one hand, and opens/folds up with a simple pull. Watch Amazon on this one because I got mine for almost a hundred dollars cheaper than it is on here. If you know about camel camel camel you can follow the price and get a notification when it drops to your desired amount.


5. Aden and Anais Bamboo Swaddle Blankets. These are Kolbe’s favorites or one could say, her ‘loveys’. She has to have one at all times. I love them too because they are so soft and lightweight.

IMG_17486. Guava mitts and booties. K wore these all the time when she was a newborn. They have velcro so they stay on her hands and feet. I love that instead of socks she can wear these and the prints are so stinkin cute.

7. Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle. We tried about 6 different types of swaddles before this one and little Houdini would worm her way out each and every time. I finally used the free Halo swaddle that we were given at the airport and she slept with arms down for the first night. She has finally graduated to the non-swaddle sleep sack but we still use these because we love them. Also, we have the fleece ones because we keep our house so cold.

8. Noodle and Boo Shampoo and Lotion. Only the best smelling wash and lotion out there and my sensitive skin child has never broken out while using it. Mmm mmm love it.

I hope this helps when you are registering!

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