Where I am

You may or may not have been wondering where I have been the last year… well, I guess the last 9 months… With the stress of the wedding over, the Lord was not done giving Jacob and I new challenges and excitement. We both started new jobs in settings completely different than what we had experienced previously. I (the Language Arts person) was now going to embark on the journey of being a Math Instructional Coach in a new very progressive and transformational school district and the learning curve was going to be steep (and let me tell you, it has been a climb!). Also, two months after the wedding, after my very first blogger conference, I found out that I was pregnant with our first little one. Hello morning sickness and a food aversion to EVERYTHING (except pizza). A few weeks later, I randomly lost my hearing in my right ear and it is still not back yet. (I’ll save that story for a later date) Just another reason why the blog was going to have to take a seat on the back burner. The past few months have been difficult but so rewarding. I’ve learned so much about trusting completely in the Lord’s plan and giving it all up to him. It is also the coolest feeling to know your baby, yours and your husband’s flesh and blood, is moving inside of you- growing and preparing to thrive in this world.

As the year progressed, I started thinking about what it was that I wanted to do with Radiating Splendor. Did I want to continue doing just fashion or did I want to start putting a little more of me where I talk about my life but still including some fashion? I’m not blogging to make money… rather to share a little piece of who I am with the world. So here I am, sharing me with all of you. And in (hopefully) less than a week, sharing my sweet baby girl, Kolbe Therese with all of you too. I can’t wait.

Baby Kolbe ultrasound 38 weeks

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Birthday dress

Birthday DressNo, it is not my birthday but my husband bought me this dress for my birthday. On his own. Without help. I didn’t even hint. Jealous, much? Yeah, he’s pretty stylish. He actually bought me the shoes for my birthday last year. OK, I’ll stop bragging. I do love this dress though.

Birthday DressBirthday DressBirthday DressDSC_2328Birthday DressPictures by Angela Wynn Photography

Dress: Free People, Shoes: Vince Camuto (old, similar), Purse: Modalu London, Earrings: Happily Grey for Jewelry Nut Auction

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Wedding Ceremony

Ceremony collageOur ceremony was an hour and forty minutes of bliss. Seriously. Shortest Catholic wedding ever according to my cousins. From the moment the first Curtis Stephan song played until the last it was like I was floating on a cloud. Focusing on Jacob as I walked down the aisle, only looking at him and seeing him choke back the tears that were threatening to spill over was like I was in my favorite movie, Father of the Bride. Every part of the ceremony was perfect- the music by the talented St. Ann musicians, the mass and homily given by the awesome Fr. Edwin Leonard, saying the vows of “for better or worse and in sickness and health”, listening to my sisters sing How Beautiful and Ave Maria, the kiss, and that hug from my class after the wedding. It was all perfect.

Many times since then I have walked through this perfect sacramental ceremony in my head and there is absolutely nothing that I would change. Well, I guess, the only thing would be to have my dad there. But, he was. I know it.

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Pre Wedding

Pre-wedding collage

Welcome to the best day of my life so far. The day that I got to marry my best friend and partner in crime, Mr. Jacob Combo. It was a gorgeous June 22 and the weather really was perfect. It was hot but not too hot. Everything was so smooth that morning and everyone played by the rule of ‘No bothering the bride’. Then again, I had so many wonderful people helping me… my family, friends, and awesome wedding coordinator-Kailey. Thanks to the Ruedi family for letting us get ready at their house and to my aunts for providing lunch. It really was the perfect morning complete with a sing-a-long Going to the Chapel moment.

Stay tuned for pictures from the wedding ceremony and reception…

Pictures are by Amy Watson Photography (seriously, if you need a wedding photographer, they are pretty amazing!)


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DSC_2286When I first put this jumpsuit on after I got home from the store, I had every intention of wearing it on the plane to Italy for our honeymoon. I knew full well that I would probably look back at this super trendy outfit and be like, “what the heck am I wearing?” but I didn’t care, this was going to be the most comfy plane outfit ever. Then, I walked out of my room and modeled for my (then) fiance. He did not understand this outfit and thought it looked a little like footsie pajamas without the feet or rather, that I was going to be jumping OUT of the plane. I was not to be discouraged. However when we saw my mom later and I mentioned what I was wearing, she scared me by talking about going to the little bathroom in the airplane with maybe some ‘non-toilet aim-ers’, and having to completely strip down with turbulance. Needless to say, after that, I decided this maybe wasn’t the best option for travel, but it still is the best option for a comfort calling summer play day.

This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Texas Style Council conference for bloggers and others. Overall, it was pretty incredible and I met some awesome women who I am excited to stay in contact with. In the beginning, it was quite uncomfortable, especially not knowing anyone, but after lunch in the hotel restaurant, by myself, (I kept thinking that this is like a very expensive middle school bathroom where one would eat alone), I pushed through and had the opportunity to meet some awesome ladies. I met the lovely Amber from VenzEdits and RewardStyle (SO nice, I was like- can we be friends?), Kendi from Kendi Everyday, and Mara from M loves M. They were all so wonderful and full of advice for a starting blogger like me. I came home with a lot of tips, ideas, and purpose. I will definitely be going to more blogging conferences in the future.


Photos are by Angela Wynn Photography

Jumpsuit: Forever 21 (sold out, similar), Shoes: Vince Camuto (old, similar), Purse: Modalu London (similar), Watch: Michael Kors, Bracelets: Stella and Dot, Sunnies: Coach

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