The other day.

The other day I was reading past blog posts. Actually I was trying to find a picture for the Minnetonka moccasins rep search… Free moccs for me and maybe for baby? Yes please. I tried to find my most hippie looking picture in hopes that is what they are looking for. A girl has got to dream, right? This is what I ended up with…


Anyways… motherhood. or something like that. It has been pretty (mostly) great. Little K is an awesome addition to our family. She is happy, smart, non-mobile (still! I can leave her to say, go to the bathroom, and she is still there when I come back), and working so hard to be mobile. Since we anticipate it is going the day will come when she no longer stays in the same place, today we put up the baby gate. Let me tell you, that piece of rubbish was the hardest thing ever to put together. And I didn’t even put it together. Jacob did. It was painful to watch. It is like they are testing parents… are you man or woman enough to follow our nonsense instructions and keep your baby safe? No bueno. We still have yet to baby proof all the drawers, cabinets, plugs, etc. but remember, the gate… we will save that for another day.

Her slow scooting self inched over to the laundry the other day while I was getting ready. Yep that’s gross… but I had to take a picture of it before I moved her. She was so proud.

IMG_5185My favorite blogger Grace is pregnant with number 5. In five years. What a woman! You go girl. If you want to be humored by much funnier blog posts then you can go to her blog here.

Lastly, bow making has been my jam the past couple of months. I even opened an etsy shop! If you or your daughter, niece, or friend need a bow then let me know… I can make you one. I’d love it. See shop here!

Valentines bowsWell, that’s it for now. Have a wonderful week!

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